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Mr. Yogesh Kapoor

Mr. Anthony(Son of Patient)

Urinary Tract Infection in Old Women Treated By Dr Rajesh Taneja

A. K. Sharma

First of all, I thank you "APOLLO for offsing world class treatment at affordable price in general ward." The services of staff nurses/staff/dietician are appreciable. I also congratulate the unit/team of Dr Rajesh Taneja for doing their best. "Dr Taneja has carried out painless and precise surgery on me in a time bound manner." I give him 10/10 (ten out of ten) for his duty and performance as a doctor.I wish him great success in life. SDM Saluja

“Correct diagnosis, correct surgery, wonderful post surgery treatment” Thanks for giving my mother a new lease of life. Anup Gulati

“A physician's physiology has much the same relation to his power of healing as a cleric’s divinity has to his power of influencing conduct” - Samuel Butler

"This is so true of Dr Rajesh Taneja. We found him extremely approachable; he clarified all our doubts patiently and explained medical concepts to us using diagrams and simple language, we could relate to. His sincerity and dedication to both his work and patients are commendable." Shashank Upasani

"I was one of the lucky patients to have Dr Taneja for my treatment. Although I started my treatment with other doctor, a good friend of mine, whose father was operated upon by Dr Taneja. He called me and recommended Dr Taneja. I thought I should at least visit Dr Taneja as my best friend recommended him. When I visited Dr Taneja I decided that he will be my doctor. I found Dr Taneja very confident and knowledgeable in his field of medicine. He carefully listened to me with patience and elaborated on the problem. I recommend Dr Taneja to all of those who have urology problems. I am sure they will be greatly satisfied with is treatment. I thanks him and wish him the best."Hidayatullah

"Best Doctor, Best Surgeon, Best Urologist, Best Human." Rajesh Kumar Jain

"He is not only a very competent doctor but also a good humane being. He hears the patients patiently and gives appropriate council/ medicine. His smiling face and positive response to patients encourages me to consult him whenever I need any advice on urological problems. He prescribes very conservative medicine and does not over drug me or for that matter any patient.I wish that all the medical fraternity should be as good as he is." D.V.Gupta

"If urology disorder symptoms are disappeared; it means that Dr. has done his job and the patient has returned to his/ her normal life. Dr. Taneja's diagnostic skills are excellent and above par.

During my said indoor period, I noted that Dr. Taneja removed around a 7 KG Kidney Tumor of an Afganistan National; which was denied by Pakistan and United Kingdom Medical experts. More so, it was the 1st/ 2nd such procedure in the World." Subhash Chandra Agarwal

"Not only is he a surgeon par excellence he is also a good human being with a very strong sixth sense."

Mohan Abbhi

"He is wonderful person, passionate doctor and a very pleasant person to be around. He is someone who is a hope to his patients and his success walks humbly with him. I wish him all the very best in life." XYZ