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Structure of Urethra

The tube carrying Urine from the bladder to the exterior is called Urethra. Injury or infection in this tube can result in scarring of urethra called Stricture of Urethra. The scar tissue being tough, does not allow free flow of urine from the bladder outwards. This may lead to

  1. Difficulty in passing urine,
  2. Need to train to pass urine,
  3. Inability to completely empty the bladder and
  4. Prolonged urination,
  5. Thin urinary stream
  6. Infections in the urinary tract
  7. Kidney failure

The treatment depends upon the site and extent of the stricture. Many strictures could be dealt with endoscopically using cold knife or Laser. However there is a high chance of recurrence of the structure and therefore open surgical reconstructive procedures may be used to rectify the problem. These surgical procedures are together termed as Urethroplasty.

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