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4th Annual Conference of the Global Interstitial Cystitis Bladder Pain Society (GIBS)

4th Annual Conference of the Global Interstitial Cystitis Bladder Pain Society (GIBS)

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Dr. Rajesh Taneja (Organizing Chairperson GIBS)

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to announce the upcoming 4th Annual Conference of the Global Interstitial Cystitis Bladder Pain Society (GIBS) to be held in Mumbai, 24-25 August 2019. The aim of GIBS has been to perpetuate and disseminate the science of IC/BPS and this has been amply exempliamply in the past.
After the conferences on ‘Basic Understanding’ (2016), ‘Practical guidelines’ (2017) and ‘On the Horizon’ (2018), this year the theme is going to be ‘Beyond Horizon’. I am sure you would be looking forward to this conference as the science of Interstitial Cystitis/ Bladder Pain syndrome is going to be presented at a yet higher plane on understanding. This year will mark the scientific deliberations on the subjects which may not seem to be directly part of current clinical practices, but as part of research, including basic sciences, which may form the basis of treatment of this formidable disease in the coming years.

International participation in the form of faculty and delegates makes the meeting truly ‘Global’. This year too we are expecting eminent faculty from major international organizations spearheading the science of IC/BPS. I do hereby extend invitation to you and your colleagues to register for this scientic bonanza and be a part of the ‘science in evolution’ on this yet incompletely understood subject of IC/BPS.

Looking forward to meeting you in Mumbai.

Best Wishes.

Dr. Sanjay Pandey (Organizing Secretary GIBS)

Dear Colleagues,
This year it is a time to take the campaign of IC-BPS to highest levels @ GIBS. With your dedicated and focussed concern on this subject we have truly turned the tide in past 3 editions and reached the pinnacle of management by multidisciplinary care in solving the agony of so many patients.

We still have miles to go as the Global body awaits your latest clinical and research work with bated breath. 2019 edition of GIBS hold the vision and rightfully the theme ” Beyond Horizon ” of all that we can and which is in grasp of the medical realm to solve the phantasmagoria of this dreaded subject IC-BPS.
I heartily welcome you to the discovery “Beyond Horizon” of the scientic feast as never before. Your contributions and presence on 24th – 25th Aug 2019 will strengthen the resolve to overtake the challenges of IC-BPS. With each of you being there on the occasion to hear out the experts and the patients ” Yes! We can ” March – BEYOND HORIZON.
Best Wishes.
“Beyond Horizon”

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